Sunday Post-it 3/5/23-it’s nice to hear good things about our hospital

The post-it says “LOL being rolled out, the treatment is always good here.”

This has two meanings. Well, LOL does. The meaning in text speak is laugh out loud. To me and many people in the know it means little old lady. Guess which one predates text speak?

This frail little old lady, bundled up to the ears, with a hat on, was chatting to the volunteer wheeling her out to the car. Remarking how her hospitalization had gone, how glad she was to be going home, and the kindness of the staff.

I was behind them as I was walking to a meeting and decided to get a drink in the cafeteria prior to it. Just walking, not really paying attention to what they were saying. Thinking about the meeting to come and the needed caffeine I was about to buy.

But what she said about the treatment being good at this hospital caused me pause, and to watch as they continued down the hallway.

In shared governance we can look at monthly patient satisfaction scores all we want. But those are from people who WANT to talk to the company who handles the satisfaction surveys. And that is a knife edge, some want to talk about what good care they received at the hospital, and many want to complain.

And guess who listens to the complainers most in creating and changing policies. That’s right. The hospital powers that be.

It was refreshing, knowing that I was heading into a shared governance meeting where we would be discussing complaints about hospitalizations, to hear something good about the hospital.

And, apparently, this patient had been admitted to a few places, enough to be able to talk about how the care was at our hospital. It is always important to hear the well dones! As well as the complaints.

They are both equally important.

I hope she gets a survey and I hope she fills it out.

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