What a weird day/week

This has been the oddest week.

On Monday, I agreed to serve as the regional shared governance market chair.

It is a role I have had before.

I will be in it for 7 months, long enough to prepare the next chair for service next year.

It is needed because of the nurses stepping down or leaving the region because of the pandemic.

My department and hospital is having its share of these losses as well.

Now my chair elect and myself have to figure out how to get nurses excited about shared governance.

The shared governance group had been speaking at new employee orientation to introduce new nurses to the concept of shard governance.

This part has been deleted with the pandemic and the retooling education did for orientation.

I have encouraged the CNO of the region to bring it back.

Tuesday was astoundingly busy.

Appy, appy, dislocated hip, appy.

Wednesday night was the same, but only with 2 appendixes, not three.

Wednesday was also the day that a good nurse friend of mine, who had cheerleaded me through my masters, told me her role was changing and she was going to work for the other region.

I have not done shared governance without her.

I hope I can rise to the challenge.

Today, which is Thursday, was like slogging through cement.

Cookie Thursday is a Thing for Nurse’s Week

This week for Cookie Thursday is a Thing happens to be during Nurse’s Week.


It is one day off from Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

Normally I would make something in honor of her.

However, this being chocolate chip month, I am going to make cream cheese chocolate chip cookies.

And I am going to start my sourdough starter for two weeks.

So I can make sourdough cookies then.

Happy Nurse’s Week everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.

While I am not lucky enough to be in your numbers.

I have a mother.

And she is awesome.

She was disappointed with me when I declared my intention to go to nursing school.

Because it is hard, back-breaking, sometimes soulless work.

Not unlike what I imagine motherhood to be.

But I graduated and followed in her footsteps.

And I could not be happier.

Except for this pandemic.


Cookie Thursday May 6

May is a new month.

This means a new theme.

It is easier to have themes.

This organizes me.

Allows me to plan hard cookies in advance.

The humble chocolate chip cookie has many, many variations.

This week I made brown butter chocolate chip cookies.

I also shamed the OR with pictures of cookies left behind from last week.

There were no cookies left behind this week.

Got to love when a plan comes together.

Happy Nurse’s Week 2021

May this year’s nurse’s week be happier.

And healthier.

To kick of nurse’s week, I stayed up WAY too late last night to finish the cookies for today.

And I took a PALS class and then worked.

I am on call right now, fingers crossed.

Tomorrow I will be vaccinating people from 0800-1200.

This is my first vaccine clinic after the slowdown of patients.

We will see how it goes.

But thank a nurse, will you.

My mother’s advice…

I told my mom about the issues/troubles that were brought up to me last weekend.

You know, the ones that I was too good at call.

At least that is how I am perceiving it.

She said not to listen to them.

There is no shame at being good at your job.

However, she encouraged me to write the president of the hospital, who the MD referenced and ask for a meeting.

To explain how and why the current system we have in place for being called in works like it does.

And in order to satisfy MDs, we should keep it in place.

I have to think about this, and maybe run it past my boss.

She is a currently practicing RN of nearly 50 years experience.

She is my mentor.

More on her later.

Well that’s disappointing

Graduation is tomorrow.

And I will be watching the live stream from home.

Because they have the graduation locked up tight.

Tickets were supposed to be sent out this week, just before the event.

And they were sent out 10 days ago.

And the subject line read something about tickets.

And the email was from the event center, not the college.

So I deleted them.

I don’t need tickets to minor league baseball.

Which is what the event will be held at.

When I recognized my mistake, from another email from the college.

The trash function had deleted them.

Apparently I can only keep 1 week of deleted emails in the trash folder.

Who knew?

And then the emails cannibalize themselves.

So I have a plain cap and gown that I had set aside after graduation was cancelled last year.

Because a decorated cap is verboten.

And no tickets.

And my husband received his second covid vaccine on Thursday and he is not feeling his best.

If I had the tickets, there would be no one in the bleachers for me.

I will stay home, put my cap and gown on and watch the live stream from the comfort of my office chair.

My sister was going to go with us.

Maybe I can tempt her to lunch instead.

I will still throw my cap up.

I received my diploma already.

4th Cookie Thursday is a Thing- April 2021


nearly forgot.

Thursday’s Cookie Thursday is a Thing cookie was lemon lime.

This was entirely my recipe.

I am so proud.

It was also lemony and limey and had rave reviews.


I hardly ever eat the cookies.

This month was the brain wave that since these are donations to my department I should be writing off the supplies.

And today’s flash of the obvious was I should also be writing off my time baking.


good thin I haven’t finished my taxes.

(shakes head sadly)

And I journey on

Yeah, I had a rough Sunday.

And a rough start to this week.

I was dreading the “talk” with my managers, about the stress I am putting on my coworkers by being too efficient at call and at work.

So much so that I promptly burst into tears when I was called in to the office on Wednesday.

Damn my over active tear ducts.

They wanted to talk to me about something completely unrelated.

Okay then.

But before that I decided that I, at 45 years old, and a working nurse of 20 years, needed a little comfort in my work bag.

It is not liquor.

I do not drink.

It is not drugs.

I do not do drugs either.


I decided to add a little stuffed animal to my work bag.

A little stuffed hedgehog.

So, what?

It makes me smile.

And keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Apparently I am too good at call.

Apparently I am too good at call.

I am too efficient.

I get the cases moving expeditiously.

I come in, schedule the case, pick the case, get the patient, prep the patient, do the case, call the PACU, cleanup after the case.

Rinse, repeat, PRN.

And I intimidate people with my efficiency.

People don’t like to take call with me because I expect them to, you know, work.

At least that is the latest rumor going about.

I ask them to do too much.

So much extra.

Like, their job.

The one they get paid for.

What the actual fuck?

to be continued.

I am too upset right now.