It is not bullying to expect you to do your job

Lately I have been struggling with the different generations at work.

Or, to be more specific.

The different work ethics at work.

Because work ethic knows no generation.

I am sorry that I expect you to do your job.

I am sorry that you have to work for a living.

I am sorry that you cannot be on your phone 24/7. (This is across generations).

I am sorry that I find you when you are trying to hide.

I work like I do so that no one can come to me and complain about my work ethic.

Hell, I don’t even expect you to work like me.

I do expect you to do your job.

Once more, for the folks in back

I have not said this before.

But is bears repeating.


Yes, you, even the ones in the back.

When the desk gives you a surgical time.


No, we are not trying to make you late for your plane.

(I’m tired of that excuse, please find another)

Or your romantic dinner with your wife.

(Slightly better, especially if we know your wife)

Or miss homework with the kids.

(Best yet)

But still, we are not working against your schedule.

It is your partners and your compatriots who are doing that.

Not us.

When I call you to tell you’ve been delayed from your surgical time.

It is often due to circumstances beyond our control.

Especially in the evenings.

So, again;


So please stop calling me every 15 minutes to see if the time has changed.

I will call you when I have a better guess.

Hard truth for the boss

My assistant manager asked me this week about the no-lunch days I have been having lately. Hello, it is November. I assured her when I had time I made every effort to go to lunch. It just hardly ever happens.

She urged me to go to lunch then. It was 1545.

I agreed.

And then four of the 6 ORs, three of which had to follow cases, indicated the current case was done.

And the phone started ringing.

And decisions had to be made about 1700 when we drop from 6 rooms to 3.

And it became clear that we would be at 4.

And then the conversations with the surgeon that we were delaying had to be had.

And he pouted.

She said, what about using the call nurse to come give you lunch.

Okay, I said. I’m not going to do that.

  1. that’s a horrible use of the call nurse
  2. After my 30 minute lunch, the department would be on the hook for the 1.5 hour call back guarantee.
  3. It is not fair to call them in just to give me a lunch.

She frowned at me and then conceded my points.

And I grabbed my glove box and went to the first room that called out for turnover.

And I turned them over.

Little OR book

Little OR stories I am writing for a book for my mother for Christmas.

I write OR parodies.

I’ve written:

Dr. Alexander and the Very Bad Day

The 7468 things I pick up off the floor, an OR counting book.

Tiny Heinie is Appalled.

OR Sign Language

Auntie Allis Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, a cautionary tale.

The 13 Days of the OR Christmas.

The one I am working on for this Christmas is an homage to Aesop’s Fables.

There will be Hansel and Gretel.

The Ant and the Grasshopper.

The Princess and the Pea.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

The Hare and the Tortoise.

And the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

I’ve got to get to work writing and then taking pictures and then having it bound.

Of course I have time.

In trouble again for holding people up to my standards

Is it too much to ask for people to pull their own weight?

I took minutes for the meeting today.

One of the round table items: having a prepared bin ready for an exploratory laparotomy.

People thought this was great.

I objected.

Everyone should know how to pull an ex lap from the supplies kept in the OR core.


This is a knife and butter case.

This is the most basic of the larger cases.

And you should very well be able to pull it from the stock in the core.

I was told to think of the children.

No, not really.

I was told to think of the inexperienced nurse.

I held my eye roll, just barely.

I said, I was thinking of the inexperienced nurse.

You know how you get experience, asked Bacall of Bogart?

You get in there and do it.

An ex lap case: a set up pack, a double basin, a laparotomy drape, a 3/4 drape, gowns and gloves for the doctor(s), a grounding pad, 0 silk ties, 2-0 silk ties, 3-0 silk on an SH needle, towels, a foley kit (that’s forĀ  you), a major instrument tray , a major retractor tray.

That’s it.

The rest is just dressing and closing suture.

List for my MSN final semester part 2

I had questions after I received my list.

I wanted to know who I had to call to find a preceptor.

The answer: the education department and beg.

I added the beg.

But it seemed appropriate.

I am considering it part of my journey. An extra step I have to take before I graduate next spring.

And then, who knows?

I am definitely taking a little time off.

And reading all the books.

And writing all the books.

This has been a long slog.