Yahoo, WTF?

I do not regularly visit the email address what this blog is linked to.

I have it linked to my phone.

I do not remember the last time I checked it on my desk top.

Not sure what prompted me to check it last night.

In the spam folder there were emails about someone liking my posts.

  1. I had no idea why that is not on the dashboard when I sign in to write
  2. I also had no idea that I was not shouting into the void. So thank you.
  3. Sorry, Sebastian.

And Yahoo, what the fuck.

I have regular correspondence with WordPress about my account.

That I read on my phone.

And this is what the mailbox does to half of my emails?

Apparently I have to check this email address more frequently.

Which I will do.

Now that I know that it is an issue.

However, if you are reading.

Thank you.

I got your relief right here

Most people want to go to lunch during their shift, preferably before they are set to go home.

Especially as there is a moratorium on working the shift straight through and clocking out with no lunch.

The corporation wants you to have a break.

What happens if it is lunch time 1100 and you have one lunch to give?

You either let the person out first or you go to lunch first.

And then switch.

What happens if it is lunch time 1100 and you have one lunch to give, and a case that is due to start at 1300?

You give the lunch at 1100 and take your own after or vice versa.

And it is now 1215 or 1230 and you go to set up your 1300 case.

What happens if it is lunch time 1100 and you have one lunch to give, and a case that is due to start at 1300.

And your MD shows up an hour early, ready to cut at 1200.

And the desk says that absolute we can start as soon as we can.

You’ve given your lunch and now your case is at 1200, not 1300.

With cases still to follow.

But you were supposed to give yourself lunch after or before you gave the other lunch.

Ideally, the desk would ask if you in fact took lunch, because there was a lunch to give, and a case to start.

Ideally, the desk would practice closed loop communication and ensure that you got lunch as well.

Sometimes that does not happen.

How mad are you allowed to be?

Cookie Thursday July 1

It is Thursday.


And I worked in the middle of the night.


And it is the tech’s last evening shift.

So I made him his favorite cookie.

The Jalapeno chocolate chip.

I figure half of the batch to him and the rest to the followers of the chocolate jalapeno cookie.

For everyone else welcome to July!

The theme for July is Red, White, and Blue.

Whatever I choose that to be.

Could be a surprise.

Today the cookie is maraschino cherry chocolate chip.

I haven’t made this one in at least a year.

Maybe two.

But the funniest part of my baking today is the fact I laid out all of my ingredients.

Because I know I am sleep deprived.

Due to a text I got at 0820 from day shift charge.

14 minutes before my alarm was set to go off!

I could have used that 14 minutes!

Ahem, so I am sleep deprived.

And I had laid out all the ingredients.

Including a new bag of chocolate chips.

As I am sliding the 1st cookie sheet out of the oven I spy the unopened bag of chocolate chips.

<face palm

The first two cookie batches do not have chocolate chips in them.

It’s an experiment?

The secret of charting

Charting or the act of writing down all that has happened on your shift is central to the very core of nursing.

The old saying goes “If you didn’t chart it, you didn’t do it.”

How else is any nurse or doctor who is coming after you going to know what you did?

I’ve used all kinds of charting.

In my first hospital there was a hybrid charting.

We had checklists that we used from our nursing care plans to plan the care for the patient.

We had the very beginning of computer charting.

This was 2001, a very long time in computers ago.

The computers were practically a typewriter with a screen.

We were to do the checklists and a narrative chart note on each patient.

When I went to the OR, the charting was all done on a three fold form, which had a duplicate page.

When I participated as a SME (subject matter expert) when my current organization was working with EPIC to create our EMR, I had to learn computer charting with EPIC.

It is basically a three fold form with check-boxes that are sent in real time to the server farms for saving.

The point is charting is a big deal.

Everything we do as nurse has to be charted, in some form, as proof we did what we did.

The thing about charting is you can be as brief or as long-winded as you want to be.

I had a conversation with the nurses I was relieving tonight.

The primary nurse handed me the card with the written time that the throat pack went in.

I thanked her.

The secondary nurse, who had been acting as a scrub, asked me about it.

The primary nurse and I agreed that we chart the insertion of the throat pack and the removal.

The secondary nurse asked us why.

The field needed my attention at that moment and I texted her later, ‘If you were, God forbid, called to testify about the throat pack being left in you absolutely want documentation.’

If only the insertion is charted, did you really pull it out if not charted?

At its core, charting is about how much liability you are comfortable with.

So long and thanks for now

This is going to be a hard week.

Two of my very favorite people are leaving.

One is my favoritest CRNA.

She’s stepping down from call work to have more time with her young kids.

Evenings won’t be the same without her.

We’ve had some long hard nights together.

We’ve also had some laughs together.

Have fun with the new schedule.

The second is my evening tech 3 nights a week.

He’s going to a different hospital which will set him up better for retirement after they factor in his years in the military.

He’s been the evening tech since before I got hired.

We worked together at a sister hospital before that.

He’s been my movie buddy.

We’ve talked movies and sci-fi and books for years.

He is staying on as a PRN tech. Let’s see how long that will last.

I think it will be mostly call.

Which, as we all know, is my favorite thing.

This week is the end of an era.

There are some big shoes to fill.

Post-it post 6-27-2021

The note: Is it weird that I was waiting in line in May of 2021 at the pharmacy and I wanted to congratulate the woman waiting to get her vaccine. Would a hug be out of the question?

The answer is no, it would not be weird to congratulate her.

It would not be weird to thank her either.

I think it is important to reassure people who are getting their vaccines.

This is a BIG step for some.

And that should be celebrated.

I would have congratulated her, especially in the midst of the delta variant.

Any small step will help.

And our state now has one more to add to its 45% of vaccinated or partially vaccinated people.

So much work has been done.

So much work still to do.

Still, a hug would’ve been weird.

Talk about a power trip

The OR is very specific when it comes to the type of power strips that can be used.

Otherwise they are a fire hazard.

It has taken years to get them out of the ORs.


Imagine my surprise when I go to a room to help them turn over and there is a power strip.

An unauthorized power strip.

Behind the back table.

Used to power the flexible sigmoidoscope.

That the MD said he didn’t need power for.


The nurse went to the desk and got a power strip from under the secretary’s desk.

And used it.

It just goes to show that everything can be a teaching moment.

And anything is an opportunity for quality improvement.

I educated the nurse that these power strips are carefully regulated because they are a fire risk.

She didn’t care.

I also retrieved one of the 3 long power cords, which are allowed.

And I will be giving it to the secretary to put it under her desk.

After I tell her not to give out the other one.

Cookie Thursday June 24, 2021

Two weeks ago I read an article about pistachio cream.

And I was intrigued.

Apparently it can be used savory or sweet.

Since then I am have had pizza with pistachio cream as the sauce (so good!)


I knew I had to order some and incorporate it into Cookie Thursday.

After a search of Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Cost Plus, Sur la Table, Williams Sonoma, I admitted defeat and ordered it off Amazon.

My goal was to make a thumbprint cookie with pistachio cream and raspberry jam.

And I did.

The jar of pistachio cream that I got was kinda sweet.

I will be making it in my kitchen with pistachios and olive oil.

And taking my pistachio/raspberry jam cookies to the OR.

You see but you do not observe

I was helping a room move a patient to the bed as the case was done.

When I noticed that the positioner was in a clamp that was, in a word, janky.

It was an ill fitting rusted clamp.

That was on upside down.

I asked the room why this clamp.

Why this clamp that I was pretty sure had been thrown away.

Someone had obviously saved it.

The nurse in the room laughed and said she could not find any other clamps.

I looked at her incredulously.

No other clamps, I repeated.


I can find 20 clamps in 5 minutes.

No one believed me.

The nurse and the tech trailed behind me as I went to the desk and labeled 6 pieces of paper with the numbers 1-6.

I looked at the nurse who could not find any other clamps and told her to time me.

I went through all of the OR rooms in four minutes and 32 seconds.

I did not find 20 clamps.

I found 30.

At the end, I explained to them the best hiding in plain sight that clamps do.

Time is irrelevant

Time is irrelevant.

Is there a meaning to time?

Time is finite, yes.

However, in the last 18 months time often feels as it is standing still.

Or rushing.

Never just time.

Is anyone else feeling this way?

Today I told my mom that my older cat was 10.

I was TWO entire years off!

She’s twelve.

I’m sure I knew the correct answer.

Before this entire Pandemic thingy started.

But, as time is irrelevant, I was wrong.

I have also heard people refer to 1990s as twenty years ago.

Um, no.

I know that time is out there.

How do we capture it?

Case by case?

Shift by shift?

Add on by add on?