School Me Saturday 3/3/23-February Report

February report.

My grade, which I expect to be dismal, is not in for statistics midterm project/presentation.

Why do I think it will be dismal?

Because in my estimation I bombed it.

My math was poorly conceived, my presentation was poorly written and presented.

Ugh. The less said about that the better. Did I cry walking to the car? Absolutely.

And I have a 98% in the class going into the grade. I asked the professor if I should drop the course, and he told me not yet as there are still 3 homework assignments and a final to get through. The drip torture continues. Which makes sense but no sense because I am understanding the current lectures.

Time will tell.

My concept evaluation paper came back at 94% for nursing theory. No, I have not yet looked at the comments. I will, I will.

Next up for this class is a theory compare and contrast paper that is due on Friday 3/17/23. Loads of time to button down with 2 theories I will be comparing and contrasting. Next week I will be reading about theories and the week it’s due I will write the 20-page paper.

This blows people’s minds until I remind them that the paper has to be double-spaced and formatted correctly, which takes up many pages. Theoretically, I am looking at 10 pages of actual content.

Eminently doable.

And in the third class, there was the start of a group project. We, as a group of three, had to pick a hospital, decide on variables to report on, run the graphs, and discuss conclusions from the graph. And my group mates actually did work. I am so proud! And grateful I didn’t have to do it all myself. The next step is formatting the small paper we turned in on the variables into a PowerPoint, as if we were presenting it to hospital administrators.

Quite a mixed bag to report for February.


  1. Trust the group project, especially on a grad school level
  2. just keep on swimming, keep on swimming, keep on swimming
  3. It is Spring Break, take a nap for goodness’ sake!

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