Monday Musings 3/6/23-Covid round-up

Not much has been happening since the US decided that everything all at once could re-open and masks were optional.

All the time.

I mean ALL the time.

No matter the risk level of the community.


You do you.

The covid death toll for the US is one million, one hundred twenty-two thousand, and sixty-four.


I am still looking at the data.

No, they haven’t stopped the nonsense yet.

Yes, people are still dying.

On February 12th, the death toll was 1,114,377. The difference is a little under eight thousand, or 7800 for those doing the math. This was about three weeks ago. Divide by 3. The answer is 2629 dead a week.

Which, I’ll give it to you straight, is slightly better than the 2882 dead then.

And is 2629 US dead in a week worth not wearing a mask when going out? Or inconveniencing your life in any way.

Think on that a bit.

On the positive side, the hospitals in California have dropped the in-hospital mask mandate.

Why? Because the percentage of people who are fully vaccinated is 85.44.

By contrast, the percentage of people who are fully vaccinated in North Carolina is 66.8%. And we still have the in-hospital mask mandate.

I mean, the hospital where I work had a week, maybe two where there were no covid patient hospitalized.

It has been 3 years since I started doing this covid round-up. We’ve been through a lot.

The terror, the shutdowns, the masks, the vaccines, the refusal to wear masks, the refusal to get a vaccine.

Three years.

On one hand, this is what flattening the curve means; smaller curve, less deaths, longer time frame.

On the other, people are still dying. A lot.

As long as you are cool with that.

Carry on.

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