Cookie Thursday 2/2/23-Eggceptional cookies

This month on Cookie Thursday is a Thing I was going to first do International and then Leftovers take 2. And then I changed my mind, again, and declared this month’s theme to be Eggceptional.

Remember last May and June when the theme was Inflation Baking for two months in a row? Yeah, it is kind of like that.

Mostly as an acknowledgement of the price of eggs has more than doubled here in the US, but partly because of a recipe I found where one of the eggs and half of the butter was replaced in a chocolate chip cookie recipe with yogurt.

Y’all know that I panicked a bit last year when the price of butter doubled. I go through a LOT of butter. And now my fridge and freezer have 16 pounds of butter. Bought on BOGO and on deep discount. I’m not mad at that.

And I usually only use eggs for Cookie Thursday is a Thing.

I will get to the chocolate chip cookies with yogurt. But this week I am going to do a yogurt cake, no butter at all, 3 eggs but that’s okay as I anticipate using fewer eggs than normal for the entire month.

Also, a bit of Leftovers because this is Greek yogurt in my fridge from December.

Lots of more research to do. I wonder if I can use mayonnaise as a butter AND egg substitute. I have seen a chocolate cake recipe with that.

The cake was moist and resisted baking in the center. If I do this again, I would add a citrus note, maybe lemon. And some zest would not steer the cake wrong.

Stay tuned for more eggceptional cookies. Or cakes. Or bakes.

Some of the weeks might not even have eggs in them, focusing more on the Leftovers theme.

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