School Me Saturday 2/4/23- January report

I know, I know it is February and I had this planned for LAST Saturday and then the pay for diplomas news came out and Operating Nightingale. Obviously, I had to talk about that.

Anyway, it makes more sense to do the monthly report of my personal school journey after the month has ended. Sue me.

The Spring semester has started! In fact, this is the fourth week, well, we are one day into the fourth week. And statistics is still continuing. Think happy thoughts for me.

The new PhD class I have this month is Theory Analysis in Nursing. I had to do a theory class for my MSN but this one is completely different. Then I had to choose a theorist to write be part of the scaffold of my final project. Now, we are taken all way back to what is theory, the metaparadigm, and how nursing knowledge is constructed. Heavy stuff. My brain feels very full after this class; to say nothing of the deep reading for this class. As expected this is a very paper-heavy class. That’s okay. I like writing papers.

And I know I have been calling it a cohort class. That is incorrect. The proper term is cognate. These are graduate level classes, meant to be taken in a field that I find interesting and that I might be able to use in my dissertation. I took a financing longevity class last semester. Not sure how I am going to be using that in my dissertation but I learned a lot.

The cognate class for this semester that I choose is Informatics in Healthcare. The OR is so very technical and information-driven. I hope that the work I do with Epic and continue to do on the advisory committee will help with this class. And this is a full semester course. We’ve already had a quiz and a discussion post. And a group project to go. Again, think happy thoughts for me.

And then panic-inducing class- Statistical Applications for Nursing Research II. Math just does my head in, you know. Project in this class as well. And the first homework assignment is in. You’d think I would have good recall since the last class was only 8 weeks finished. You’d be wrong! If you don’t mind me, I am going to be reviewing ALL of the first class lectures and my notes for the rest of the week. And working on my project. And doing statistics crunching using SPSS. AND preparing for the presentation of my project. And doing more homework.

Oh, boy! It’ll be okay.

On the scholarship front, I submitted my grades from last semester and a copy of the tuition statement to the hospital for my tuition reimbursement. Hopefully, I’ll get that next paycheck. I also submitted the same grades and tuition statement to AORN for the scholarship I had from them. I got an email that I should expect a check in two weeks. All of that money will go into a savings account in case I cannot teach after graduation and I have to pay back the grant money. Fun fact, I thought I had a 3.0 GPA, but apparently, I had a 3.4 GPA. I’m not complaining.

New semester, new opportunities for scholarships. I submitted another application for another AORN scholarship. I also submitted another scholarship application for the White Rose scholarship which is for the healthcare market that I work in. If I win the scholarships, that would be lovely. The money would still go into the saving account with the rest.

The first semester of the month is always busy. It doesn’t help that the call job has had some very long nights this last couple of weeks.

That’s the round-up for the first month of the new semester. Busy, busy time. But only one class is planned for summer. And it’s ONLINE. Score.

Mantra time- the only way out is through

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