Post-it Sunday 1/15/23-Those who can’t teach

The post-it reads “Teaching and the ones who only want to do what they perceive themselves to be good at.”

This can be taken in a variety of ways.

I know, and you don’t, that it is about the preceptors who only want to teach one way, because that is the way they think is best.

Now you do.

And you probably have had teachers like that.

We all have.

This can be split into two ways.

The ones who only want to teach what they like.

General cases, for example, instead of orthopedic cases. I get that some OR people do not like orthopedic cases, and feel they shouldn’t have to teach it to new hires.

The truth is that the people who do genuinely like orthopedic cases are unavailable, and you are the only one available, and that is the only case that doesn’t have a student or a new hire. You have to go where the cases are. And you have to teach people about the case on the OR table.

I don’t care if you don’t like the case. I don’t like ectopics, but I precept about them.

Teachers, the vibe of the case that the NEW person is learning is up to you.

It is okay to say, ugh, total knee, I hate orthopedics. I’ll give you one. And then never mention it again while you are precepting and teaching.

This goes hand in hand with the preceptors who are only doing it for the money, and not to teach new people anything other than “THEIR” way. Because “THEIR” way is the only way, capisce?

No, forget I mentioned that, don’t do that.

Be open to instructing new grads, new nurses, students. You might find out that you like it. But try not to poison their minds against what you personally don’t like. It is about them, and their journey.

Because, the new ones, will be out of orientation one day, and you don’t want them to say that they don’t “DO” orthopedics.

I wonder where they learned that?

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