Monday’s Musings 1/16/22-Blue Monday?

This was a phrase I had never heard before and then I read about it in two nurse articles.

Blue Monday refers to saddest Monday of them all, the 2nd Monday of the new year.

Or at least, it is what a British advertising agency wanted you to think. If they could convince you that you were sad after the holidays, maybe they could convince you to book a vacation to somewhere warm. Acknowledgment of a down period in someone’s life to sell them something. Seems like capitalism to me.


They are not wholly wrong, are they?

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is cold, the days, although not as short as they have been just three weeks ago, are dark, it is after Christmas and there seems to be nothing to look forward to. Except for vacation at some time in the future. Maybe. If you can get the time off.

There is something to the letdown after Christmas. The pretty things are put away, there is no more anticipation of fun times. Just a dreary slog to more sunshine. I have seen more X days until the time change and the days getting longer posts this past week.

Depending on where you live, the weather is not cooperating either. It can be gray and overcast, and downright cold. Or, in the case of California, more rain than they’ve seen in years.

It is okay to feel blue after the excitement of Christmas.

It is okay to feel blue at the dreary, seemingly endless cold of this time of year.

It is important to remember that these days will end.

Not to be Pollyanna Puke on everyone but find something that makes you happy and embrace it. Get a mug of tea, a warm throw, and a block of time there aren’t any pressing matters, and give yourself the gift of personal time. There’s a reason that the idea of self-care has taken off in the last decade. You have to take care of yourself.

And for nurses it is doubly important. You have to take care of yourself. Because, if you fall, who is going to take care of the patients?

Some chocolate or other dietary treats. Some wine. A massage. The aforementioned gift of time to yourself.

Distraction. It’s not just for toddlers anymore.

Acknowledge that this may be a difficult time for a lot of people; more difficult than the holidays. And, going back to yesterday’s post-it post, be kind.

Be kind to others, because you don’t know what they are going through.

But, above all else, be kind to yourself.

Because we are all our own worst critic.

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