School Me Saturday 1/14/23- Back to school kindness

Often the first week of school is the first week of the year. But having New Year’s Day on a Sunday made that awkward. And most schools and universities delayed the back to school day by a week.

Which means that back to school week was last week.

And the first week is always the most difficult. New classes, new schedule, new teachers, new books.

It adds up to a lot of stress.

Be kind to the ones that are actively starting their semester. It will be hard to shake off the December holidays.

That’s it.

Just be aware that the students among us may be a little more stressed than usual.

As always, be kind. Buy someone’s lunch. Go out of your way to give a nice comment.

It is amazing how a word of kindness can relax a person. The person may be saying that they are not stressed. On some level they are.

Kindness is also a thing for new employees in new units. This is also a stressful time.

Be kind.

It doesn’t cost anything but it makes the world of difference.

Be kind.

That is what Mr. Fred Rogers would have wanted.

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