Cookie Thursday 1/12/22- January time of renewal and using up foodstuffs

Ah, January.

A time of renewal and a time of finishing the Christmas foodstuff bounty.

And using the Christmas foodstuff bounty up.

And using the Christmas foodstuff bounty up.

And using up miscellaneous ingredients that have been a Cookie Thursday is a Thing make in the previous 12 months. Or are in the pantry.

In September I made pickle chips. And, after doing so, I had 2 half jars of pickles. Spoiler alert- not a big mover in this house.

In this second Cookie Thursday of the Leftover theme month, I decided to use them up.

And use up some of cheese clogging my cheese drawer.

Let us also contemplate suture boxes. They come from the central supply in their box. Each box may contain 8-30 suture packets. And some of my coworkers would rather tear into a fresh box, instead of using the box that is already opened.


It does not get stale.

Or moldy.

Sometimes they do expire, because they’ve opened the box with the furthest out expiration date, instead of the one marked USE FIRST.

And the department is left with the suture that they can’t use because it’s expired. Because someone didn’t pay attention.

Pro tip- use up the soonest expiring leftovers. It is just like managing your refrigerator and food waste. Eat Sunday’s leftover pot roast before Wednesday’s leftover pizza.

Why? It just makes sense.

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