Cookie Thursday 11/10/22-Cinnamon cookies

The theme for November remains fall.

I know it is downright chilly in some states, and heaters have been switched on. But here, the Cleveland Pear in my front yard still has leaves. It won’t after tomorrow’s expected downpour, but it still does.

Leaf eradication is in full swing in my neighborhood. That’s not really something I do. I will mulch the leaves, or rak,them into the island in the grass. Do my neighbors care for this? Don’t care. Caterpillars, ground bees, and other insects can winter in it. It is better for the environment that the leaves are not snatched off the ground, bundled into plastic sacks and otherwise hidden away from judgmental eyes.

Fall flavors continue this month. This week the make is cinnamon cookies. This is another wholly original recipe. Before the pandemic Coca Cola released cinnamon coke, a seasonal flavor. If you didn’t try it and don’t care to, that’s okay. More for me. It was awesome and I bought it when it came out in November. As it is seasonal. stock was limited and when it was gone, it was gone. Which led me to decide to make my own. I tried to make cinnamon syrup, and then I realized that there was a cinnamon syrup to flavor coffee. During the horrible days in 2020, I thought it would be a good use of my time that I wasn’t at the hospital to recreate the cinnamon coke. My experiments were so-so and I still had most of the flavoring bottle left.

You know where I am going with this.

That’s right!

I looked at the bottle and though “I wonder if I can cookie this.”

And you can!

The resulting cookies are thin, kind of like a gingersnap but with a wonderful cinnamon flavor. I doubled down and used ground cinnamon in addition.

Because of course I did.

What is Cookie Thursday is a Thing that is not about experimentation? Not much.

That’s it. A cinnamon flavored cookie. Very simple.

Great with tea.

Or coffee.

Or warmed apple cider.

Anything that you use to warm up these days that are getting chilly.

Because baking, like in life, or the OR. Sometimes simplicity is best.

Just because there is a new, very expensive instrument or machine that does the same thing as the old equipment doesn’t mean that it is better. The OR can get caught up in the newest thing must be better. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Except Cinnamon Coke.

That stuff is amazing!

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