School Me Saturday 11/12/22-deadlines

There are many deadlines surrounding school.

There is the application deadline.

There is the FAFSA deadline. This is important if you are needing student loans to pay for going back to school.

There is the registration deadline for classes.

Even the start of school is a deadline. Of your spare time.

There are deadlines for papers.

There are deadlines for homework assignments.

There are deadlines for projects.

There are deadlines galore.

Welcome to the world of deadlines.

But each deadline you meet will bring you closer to the end of

  • the quarter
  • the semester
  • the class
  • most importantly, GRADUATION!

Deadlines are not meant to be feared. They are guideposts that are meant to keep you on track.

Hopefully you have a teacher that gives you a lot of warning when things are due. And, if not, your syllabus should have them all listed out for you. And a class calendar should be somewhere.

And doesn’t, you know, completely change the expected order of things.

Apparently, I’m a week ahead of the third class.


Well, at least I only have three things left to do in that class.

And 2 homework assignments due tomorrow in Statistics.

And a giant paper due in the beginning of December for Philosophy.

And a final due in Statistics in the beginning of December.

My advice is to keep track of your deadlines the way it makes sense to you.

I’m a list person myself. And, as an offshoot, a calendar person.

Right foot left foot.

You will get through this.

If not, you tried your best.

Now get out there and show the deadlines that you’ve got this!

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