RSV, covid, and flu…oh, my

And in the center ring, weighing in at full hospitals, and full Emergency rooms everywhere, that darling of the winter, here for an early engagement, INFLUENZA!!!

In the left ring, just in case the world left it behind, and how could it when it is killing 13,000 Americans a month, COVID!!!

And entering the ring, a new darling of the infectious sort, sickening kids and now adults leading to hospitalizations and full emergency rooms. R. S. V!!!

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!

Now get out there and stir some shit up.

Kill some people.

Sicken some more.




We’ve got something for everyone.

Long Covid would be ideal.

Let’s throw our weight around and show them we have not disappeared.

We will not be ignored.

It really would have been better if they had kept to mask wearing.

And handwashing.

And vaccinations.

(whispers) But I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Come close.



6 feet social distance would have helped too.

But humans are stupid.

And their attention span is little, and their distractions many.

Now, go wreck some havoc.


oh, and wash your face. I got a little virus on you.

See how easy that was?

Yes, vaccinations could have helped.

For those who can get them.

But humanity isn’t that considerate.

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