Monday Musings 11/7/22- my mind is blank

Does this ever happen to you?

When you want to do something, something cool, and your mind peace’s out?

Nah, I didn’t think it was me alone.

You know what?

It is okay.

Our minds are busy, busy places.

There is so much to look at.

So much to do.

While you are at work, room 306 needs pre-op antibiotics, room 312 needs to be turned, room 316’s call light is on AGAIN. And the phone will not stop ringing!

Or at home:

Little Timmy has to be picked up from swim practice, Samantha has to be taken to somewhere else.

And you don’t know how you are going to fit it all in?!?

Dinner is late, no one has clean clothes for the week.

Arrghhh! It’s all too much.


It is okay to give yourself a break.

Even if it only a little one.


Close your eyes.

And let your mind drift for a moment.

Only, don’t do it at a stoplight. Wait until you are off the road.

It will be okay.

After all, most of these “MUST DOS” are things that we get ourselves into. Thinking we have more time and more attention than we actually have.

It is okay.

Read a book. Take a nap.

Your mind can be blank once in a while.

The world will come crashing into focus sooner or later.

And things will get done. Timmy will be picked up, Samantha will be where she has to be.

Cut yourself some slack, okay?

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