Friday blog going to Saturday

Okay. I’ve been doing Sunday, Monday, off Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday as the Dispatches from the Evening Shift blog dates.

I will be having class every Friday going forward. and every other Friday will be in-person at the university with an hour and a half commute on either side. I decided to change Friday blog day to Saturday.

Today in class we talked truth.

Truth is a hard concept to teach. Because your truth is not the same as mine. It’s all about perspective. And perspective is colored by personal filters, on both sides of the educational exchange.

I referenced the sacred cows in the OR. These are processes that are XYZ because they’ve always been done that way, even if YXZ makes more sense. It is the doing because it has always been done this way and heaven forbid there is a change in your perspective.

Yes, I am in a philosophy class. I’ve taken philosophy before, years ago, at Creighton.

And today’s class was about truth. And the different shifts in truth. There as a large section on fake news and how it is created and comes about and how it poisons society.

But, as the professor says, all viewpoints can have validity.

And, really, after all isn’t a viewpoint the same as a filter. That colors the information that comes through your own filter and changes it.

I think I’m going to like this class.

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