Cookie Thursday is a Thing 8/25/22- ice cream social take 2

I am not sure what I expected when I went on vacation last week. Because it was the week of the 7th annual ice cream social that Cookie Thursday is a Thing hosts for back to school in August. This is a part of the no heat theme.

I had hoped that the department could pull it together without reminders from me.


One of the other nurses said that although there were sign ups with the date clearly marked, people were confused about the date. And what to bring.

And it was rescheduled for today.

I mean, I get it. Cookie Thursday is a Thing is my creation. Of course the ice cream social would not go forward without my reminders, and prodding, and talking it up every day.

I’m not even mad at that.

I find that this is emblematic of the decrease in participation in ANYTHING. Especially as the pandemic drags on, and more diseases and disasters are popping up all the time. And people still don’t want to do the slightest thing to help another person.

On one hand, the entire department is burned out because of, well, everything going on in healthcare and in the world. This is why the department needs an ice cream social. This is the altruistic me having that though.

On the other hand, the entire department doesn’t want to do anything extra for anyone except themselves. And maybe their work besties.

As I was writing that I was struck that those two hands are part of the same whole. Life itself is a lot right now.

Even if it involves ice cream.

To look on the brighter side, I got to participate. Last night I made a no churn cinnamon flavored ice cream. I’ve made this before and traditional ice cream syrups go amazingly with it. Flavors like caramel and hot fudge, even at the same time, do wonderful things to the rather subtle flavor.

Hey, maybe next time I make it I can add Fireball Whiskey. That’ll liven up a depressed department and hospital that is full to bursting every damn day. The hospital being so full concerns me for fall and winter when there will be another congruence of the flu and covid. Sounds like great times, can’t wait.

Not that I would put out an alcoholic ice cream in an actual working department function, even if the amount of alcohol would be miniscule. But I think it would be a great addition to any party I go to.

To the kitchen!

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