Post-it Sunday 8/28/22- Zero Zoom Chill

The post-it reads ‘what do you do when you cat has no zoom manners?’

Dot, my menace of a white cat, has zero Zoom chill.




If I am talking in a meeting she feels the need to parade across the keyboard. In complete view of the camera. Or she chimes in with a meow after I’ve finished making my point.

But at what point do you bring that up in the meeting?

I’ve been bringing it up at the beginning, either verbally, or in the chat function. I started doing this in my zoom classes. The professor welcomed her by name.

I wonder how long the welcome will last.

Because the Zoom platform will not be going away. It is too easy to connect across the globe using the meeting function. To have ideas and information free flowing.

Hell, even the AORN conference and expo had a zoom option for attendance. You don’t get the excitement of the conference. Or the networking. But some people don’t care for that part.

Classrooms demand being on camera so they can see if you are actually present or goofing off. That’s a stressor for the introverts among us, including myself.

It is extra stressful when the white cat pops up and moons everyone.

There is a lot of joy to be had for zoom classes, seminars, and conferences. You are at your own house, you have your own bed, you have your own kitchen. And you have your pets. And people on Zoom love to see pets. It breaks up the hours.

I hope Dot does not wear out her welcome.

This is meant to be a lighthearted post as I know nursing can be a bit heavy at times.

But Dot is still a brat.

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