Cookie Thursday 8/11/22-Maza

Cookie Thursday is a Thing- No Heat Month continues…

Make for 8/11/22- Maza

I do not know the origin of this amazingness. But my mother corrected the spelling on the lounge board.

My parents would make this when we lived in California from the very ripe garden tomatoes. My dad liked to grow heirlooms.

They would serve it up with bread for dipping on sun dappled late afternoons in the Wine Country. We would sit on the deck, eating Maza, watching the fog roll in as the temperature dropped by as much as 50 degrees.

A fond food memory from CA. I find memory and the taste of food is intrinsically linked.


Very ripe tomatoes, almost to the point of being overripe-at least 4
Garlic- whatever you feel in your heart
1/4 c olive oil
Salt if desired
Stale bread for dipping

Chop tomatoes very fine and put in a bowl, including juice
Chop garlic very fine and add to tomatoes. We LOVE garlic and therefore I use at least a head, sometimes two. Add to bowl
Add olive oil and mix well

And you’re done!

Serve with cut up bread, sourdough if you can find it. Otherwise French bread is good

Like a lot of culinary awesomeness, Maza matures in flavor, so make in advance

Every time I make this for Cookie Thursday I have to explain what it is and urge people to just try it. I come back and the bowl is gone.

If there is any left over, a sacrilege really, it makes amazing tomato soup.

This is a perennial make for Cookie Thursday is a Thing. Nothing wrong with the classics.

Cookie Thursday exists as a breather for the department in the midst of sometimes chaos. And it is good to introduce new recipes to people who have not had it before. Kind of like introducing a new surgeon into the mix. (I know, a reach. But I have to relate it to OR somehow)

This is a good appetizer for lazy summer days, and it is best enjoyed in the summer, with tomatoes straight from the garden. If you add wine, that is your business. I assume you are an adult.

May be an image of food and indoor

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