Vacation 2020 via pandemic, actual 2022

I am on vacation.

The same vacation we planned and paid for in 2020.

You know, the one that was my present for finishing my MSN. Yeah, that one.

And then a pandemic came and washed it all away.

And it was planned again. In September 2021. Uh, oh. Delta variant.

And planned again. In December 2021. Uh, oh, Omicron variant..

Well hell.

Planned for the 4th and final time as the time limits were running out. But there are still people dying! And cases are still surging due to BA.5. Universe says go now or lose the $15,000. Well, when you put it that way.

And to make it EXTRA difficult, school will start just as you are leaving. And you have to explain to the instructors why you are not in class.

But, at least you are in London.

Yeah, during the second heat wave of the summer. It is 95 degrees Fahrenheit today. It will get better on Monday, with temperatures in the high 70s. It can always be worse.

Go out in the beginning of the day and go back to the flat at noon before it gets too hot. And go out later, after 1800 when the sun begins to think about setting.

Greetings from vacation. Where it is just as hot here as at home, without air conditioning. Ah, well, vacation is meant to be an adventure.

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