Get your pens and pencils ready, it’s time for back to school!

Back to school!

Not just for children anymore.

School begins in earnest this month for millions of school children.

And the hospital is doing a school supply drive.

I anticipate that this will be a smaller event than in years past. Inflation is high; a dollar just doesn’t stretch like it did before. Part of me just wants to donate the lot to a local school. This has happened before, recently. But I know that some of our team members are counting on the supplies. There just isn’t the drive to donate this year.

Like all of healthcare, our donating muscles are tired. What more can we be asked to do? We’ve been carrying this country through the pandemic, through the ones who value their personal freedom over the health of others. We are all tired of the mask.

Times are hard, I get it. Gas is expensive, and so is food. There just aren’t very good deals out there, not like in years past. I anticipated this. I think, as a double income no kids, it is our duty to donate to the school supply drives. My trunk is full of at least three people’s donations. I will add this to the supplies collected at the hospital and sort them out into extra-large ziploc bags. There have been zero, nada zilch backpack donations. The drive usually gets around 35. But I also don’t want to go out and panic buy, either.

And some of us are going back to colleges of all sorts: community college, trade schools, 4-year university, grad school. All sorts of degrees to be had!

There is an awful lot of learning going on around here.

If you need me this evening, I will have dragooned two volunteers into sorting with me.

But be nice to those going back to school. Some of us are deer in the headlights, at least for awhile.

(cough, cough, I’m talking about me)

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