Monday’s Musings 4/18/22- case aversions

Let us be honest. Sometimes a surgical case is not our cup of tea. Heck, the entire service is not our cup of tea. Every nurse I know has a case or body function they HATE.



Nails on chalkboard would be more soothing.

Please don’t make me go in there; I’ll do anything.

For the most part this can be accommodated. Kind of. If you have the staff.

And the case aversion can be as varied as the human body. This nurse hates teeth. This tech hates feet. My own mother hates vomit, explains a lot about my childhood.

Me? I can’t stand phlegm. Lung butter. Ew. This has roots in training. My patient had a full beard, a raging upper respiratory infection, and green noxious phlegm everywhere. And the patient, not sound of mind, reveled in it. Makes my skin crawl just writing about it. Nightmares tonight.

Do you want to know WHY I did not pursue a CRNA, which means certified RN of anesthesia? For this alone.

Case aversions exist.

However, the body part/function in question is attached to a patient. Someone who needs our help. And we soldier on. This is what we are best at.

Through something we hate, despise, abhor, makes us want to run and hide.

Because someone needs us.

I have and I will continue to care for patients who exhibit my case aversion.

But I will wear gloves.

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