Post-it Sunday 4/17/22- don’t be married to the plans

The post-it reads ‘don’t be married to the plans.’

This is something that the OR does particularly well. Plans change. Diagnoses change. Patient anatomy is not clear cut and pretty like it is in text books.

There can be a tentative plan. A structure in place, a general idea of how something will go. An over all plan.

Beware that overall plans can change. And do.

A does not lead to B cleanly. Sometimes there is a needed jaunt to Z. Don’t be surprised by it. Be flexible in plan changes.

You might surprise yourself.

This is hard lesson in nursing. Despite all of our preparations, plans can change.

And have contingency ideas in the back of your head for how this is going to go. For example, the anatomy is plain weird and there is no safe way to finish the planned procedure. E.g. a lap appy.

Okay. You will need larger sponges, even maybe some appy tapes (long, thin sponges that are x-ray detectable), different suture, and a few instruments.

I guess the lesson for today is not to be married to the plans, but have an alternate in mind for when the plan changes.

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