Here we go again! Again… Again?

Covid is not gone.

Despite what politicians will tell you.

Despite what the man on the street will tell you.

Despite what your cousin’s mother’s auntie’s next door neighbor will tell you.

People are still dying. No one is writing it down. No one is keeping track of current infections. No one cares!

I get it.

A giant, broadway in lights covid is over… in neon.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

I get it.

It has been a long, hard two years. Because it has been over 2 years of this nonsense. Healthcare is tired. Nurses are tired. I am tired.

But wishful thinking doesn’t make it so.

And don’t wear a mask on an airplane if you don’t want to.

The air is only circulated with every exhalation for however many hours you are on the plane. But what if?

I will be continuing mask wearing when I see fit. No matter what people may say.

You think I care about what people say?

Or think?

Or talk about the crazy behind my back?

Don’t know me very well do you?

I don’t wear a mask for myself.

I wear it to protect others. And those people who cannot be vaccinated. Or the people whose vaccinations didn’t work. Or are too young for vaccination. This is who I chose to protect.

You do you.

I’ll be over here wearing a mask to protect others.

No matter who is against it. Because it is the right thing to do.

Can’t argue with the right thing to do. And if I get to fly to London in August. I will be wearing a mask during the flight.

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