Post-it 4/3/22-GuideStar

The post-it reads ‘GuideStar shows salaries of non-profits’.

Of all the things I learned at AORN, GuideStar may be one of the most interesting.

It does many things. It is a blog. It is an accounting for all non-profits in the US. It breaks down how much money it has, how much money it has taken in through receipts.

Including its assets.


I had no idea that such a thing existed.

Of course, to get more in depth information you need an account. I did a cursory look at the CEO of the company I work for. It would not divulge how much the CEO made, without an account.

But any non profit is searchable.

Including the university I will be going to in the fall.

A company that you want to do business, and is a non-profit is searchable. It is a rabbit hole that you can use to direct your giving.

Money does many things. It eases the world.

I will say that looking up non-profits is a little bit addictive.

I would like more information of what are assets and what are receipts.

To be clear, this is merely a snapshot of the non-profit.

It does not tell the entire story.

But it does tell a story.

It gives you information and data to make your own decision.

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