I chose a PhD program


Deep breath.

I chose a PhD program.

I had FINALLY gotten all the various PhD nurses’ letters of recommendations submitted to South Carolina.

And then nothing.

So I chose the UNC-G program.

Both schools are equidistant from my house.

The kicker was that the program in South Carolina’s grant was in beta.

This means that it could go away at any time.

Although a decision won’t come down for North Carolina grant program until May, at the earliest, I decided to go with North Carolina.

Because state pride, right? At the very least, state residency.

And my husband was hesitant of me driving to South Carolina. Why 70 miles South is problematic and 70 miles North is okay, I don’t know. Something about the highway construction.

I submitted to the program yesterday that I intend to enroll. And immediately after I submitted to be a research assistant, which has a stipend that will mostly pay for school. And, as my husband pointed out, looks good on a resume.

Since some scholarship programs need an enrollment to qualify/apply, I panic applied to a bunch more. After the decision had been made.

Because you never know.

That means I have 4 months to whip my house into shape.

Based on past performance I need someone to kick my ass into gear.

A friend came over yesterday and we weeded and container planted a quarter of the front.

Today after the sun goes to the back, I will do another quarter, including the front two flower beds. I am allergic to something in the front. Not poison ivy, but something. Long sleeves it is.

It’s a start.

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