Monday’s Musings 4/4/22- writing for publication

When I took this call job it was the understanding that I would go back to school in the fall. Now that this is happening, I am also thinking of what I can do with my time outside of school and my new call shift. Apparently I have 40 hours a week, plus commute time, that I can play with.

There is only so many hours that you can read. Even if there is still a pandemic raging, with a new variant causing havoc. And doing housework is apparently a non starter and a mind block that I have.

I like to write. Freelancing may be good for me. But I have an interest with a limited audience group. But never said I couldn’t try.

I love the OR. All aspects. And I think that the hospital system is on the forefront of the new wave of call jobs. While I was at AORN this past month I spoke to every publication that I could: AORN, OR Manager, Outpatient Surgery. And I gathered business cards from everywhere.

I am going to propose an article, perhaps a column that encompasses why someone might want a call job, all the ins and outs of the call job. How it is a freedom of sorts, but not without drawbacks.

I also made contacts regarding writing for textbooks. This is my overall goal for my PhD and my after career when I can’t do active OR nursing anymore.

The goal for April is to reach out to all the publications, looking for interest in a writer. It remains to be seen if there is a market for such a thing.

All I can do is try.

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