AORN report day 1

Yesterday should have been day 1 but we were delayed by a crazy storm 3 hours into the day. Atlanta weather does not play.

This led to me missing the eChapter meet and greet from 1730-1830. We got into town at 1900.

And pickup stopped at 1700. Okay, I can pick up in the morning.

Today is a different day.

I was able to get my packet just in time for the session that I really wanted to go to. The session was about self-care. The importance of it and how you should engage in it. The best take home words from that session was ‘reconciliation takes two people but forgiveness only takes 1.’

This is a powerful sentiment.

And then a session on IRB. Institutional Review Board. Or the there is no risk to the participants of the study. Or there is risk and these are the steps taken to review and mitigate them. This is terrifying. This means that I must do it. I’ll look into joining the committee when I get back to work.

There is another session momentarily.

And then lunch.

And the welcome and keynote speaker at 1500

I wonder if I have time for a nap.

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