Post-it 3/20/22-J’accuse

The post-it reads ‘why is their first thing to accuse? Be it pressure sores, falls, CLABSIs?’

Point of knowledge- a CLABSI is a central line associated blood stream infection. There was a central line that went into one of the big veins that lead straight into the heart. And an infection that could have gone straight to the heart. That’s what makes them dangerous. This is what is commonly referred to a healthcare acquired infection or HAI. We put the hole into the skin that round the bout led straight to the heart. There are many reasons for this line, all of them dire.


You’ve lived through one of the worst periods in the history of nursing.

But we have notes to how you could have handled it better.

Yes, yes, it was a terrible time.

But if you could go back in time and learn from the mistakes that you made while trying to save the life of your patients.

In the midst of people dying, and not taking the time to learn how to protect themselves. Or refusing that knowledge because it infringes on their ‘freedom’.

But it is nursing’s fault.

Of course.

They want to blame the nurses.

Do nurses care that you have a nasty, possibly life limiting infection? Yes, yes we do. And we learn from each infection. Maybe the skin was cleaned in a counterclockwise not clockwise manner. Maybe that is why.

Maybe don’t leave the banana peel in the middle of the room to lead to patient’s falling.

Maybe gown up to re-position at patient who can’t move themselves every 2 hours. Don’t forget the two masks, the face shield, and the gloves.

Gown up and take care of a patient’s needs, knowing that the other room’s call lights are going off. Or if the patient is unable to press the call light, they are next on the list for re-positioning. Rinse, repeat. Along with phone calls. And new doctor’s orders. And family to be updated. And new lab results that lead to more order changes.

All done to save the patient’s life. Or make their death more comfortable.

What, you already do?


However, too often the immediate knee jerk response is to blame nursing.

We need to stop that cycle.

In the last two years nursing has been stretched to the breaking point. And beyond. To care for patients who are there for life saving care.

Because of a pandemic.

Cool it on blame the nurse.

We just want to survive and let our patients survive and thrive.

And to say that is has been difficult is asking Mrs. Lincoln about the play.

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