Cookie Thursday 3/17/22- you know those oatmeal peanut butter chocolate thingies

I am convinced there is a hive mind that directs our stomachs.

I read that every society on earth has done a fried food. And some sort of alcohol. Because if you take honey water and wait long enough, it ferments.

I am pretty sure that the same is with the cookie of the week.

I know them as fudgey cocoa no bakes.

They contain peanut butter and oatmeal and chocolate.

Other people tell me about eating them in the cafeteria in elementary school. A lunch lady special that she made if you were good.

My mother made them as well.

It is a simple no bake recipe.

Application of heat to butter, milk, sugar, cocoa and stirred to boiling. Let boil one minute, add peanut butter and oatmeal.

And portion out on waxed paper and wait impatiently for them to dry.

I’ve not tried them immediately after the no bake. (looks shiftily about). Why? What have you heard?

To many it is a good representation of our childhood.

I like to mess with a recipe. You all know this.

I’ve added unsweetened coconut to the mix. They were yummy, like a Mounds Bar.

But this month is all about comfort.

This recipe is easily in the top five of requested cookies.

Because nostalgia is real.

And if you never had them growing up, I’ll give you the recipe. Because this is a cookie that deserves to remembered kindly.

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