I’m tired of being Cassandra

For edification purposes, Cassandra was cursed by the gods to always tell the truth. The kicker was that no one would believe her.

I recognize that the last two years have been difficult. No more so than for healthcare workers. And parents.

And the world at large.

But I am watching the new variant. In Germany, in China, in the UK.

And I am concerned.

I fear that the relief of freedom has blinded us to peril.

However, if I mention it, I am disparaged as a hysteric.

Don’t I know that covid is over? That we are safe now?

No to both of those questions.

Covid is very much out there. Replicating and morphing into yet another variant.

Which variant will be the one that morphs covid back into a killer? One that laughs at the vaccines. And infects and kills people indiscriminately.

We are not safe until everyone who is eligible is vaccinated

The vaccine works to decrease the incidence of hospitalization. Of death.

Of course, to mix Greek messages, the thing left in the box after Pandara opened it, was hope.

I am hopeful that there is a way out from Covid.

But I fear that we are moving too far. Too fast.

In case anyone is wondering, the new variate, BA.2 subvariant comprises 23.1% of cases from last week. This is according to the CDC.

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