Monday Musings 3/14/22- in-person conference

AORN is in person this year.

In New Orleans!

I’d been to this one in March of 2005. My mom, two of my sisters, my niece, and I rented an 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment for a week in the French Quarter.

There is no better way to do New Orleans.

Loud with frat boys.

But up close and personal in all of the action.

I was a new nurse.

I was a new OR nurse and keen to learn all the things.

This was before I decided to start my education journey.

Through BSN, MSN, and now staring down the barrel of a PhD.

I’ve put in to do some paid focus groups.

I always enjoy those.

I haven’t heard anything yet.

I will be on a panel though.

Speaking to the nurse educators special assembly about Shared Governance.

I think the slides are due in two days.

My husband, though, has not been present for a conference yet.

This will be interesting.

I’m afraid he will be bored.

Because I have lots of things to do and my days will be jam packed.

There is a welcome party by my chapter.

There is voting to be done via forums.

There is the panel.

There is the expo.

We are going to to the kick off party on Saturday. I bought him a ticket.

So much to do.

Not all fun.

We will be shoe horn in some sight seeing.

And restaurants.

Can’t forget the food.

And, despite gas prices, we are driving.

Because my husband is not yet ready to fly with people who will not be masked.

And two plane tickets is more than the 2 tanks of gas it will cost us to go.

It will be a raucous good time.

No beads though.

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