Cookie Thursday 3/10/22 Syrniki cheese cookies with various toppings

Comfort month continues.

I intended to bake Syrniki, a Ukranian cheese pancake.

And I could not find the farmer’s cheese that is integral to the recipe.

And this week has me on the ropes.

I’ve only slept 2 hours at a time, due to cases.

Two hours before and 2 hours during the day.

I’m tired.

I found a recipe to make farmer’s cheese but even that can’t hold my attention.

Cue double-cream cheese from Petaluma, CA, that my brothers-in-law sent us for Christmas.

I shredded the cheese that was part of their amazing gift.

And used it to make Syrniki inspired baked cheese cookies.

I had a cookie straight from the oven.

It was a little… lacking.

Inspiration struck in my pantry.

I brought toppings for the little cheese cookies.

A sour cherry jam, a triple pepper jam, and raspberry jam.

I had a triple pepper jam topped cookie as I was dropping them off.


I wanted to do my little part, because my husband won’t let me go volunteer in Ukraine.

Making these gave me comfort during a hideous week.

Comfort cookie #2 of the month.

Ukranian Syniki inspired cheese cookies.

A humble little cookie.

Made of cheese, egg, and a little flour.

With toppings.

Good wishes and best thoughts to those fighting in Ukraine.

There are no words.

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