Next normal

I know we are all tired of covid.

And we want our lives back.

“I just want to get back to normal!”

Is the refrain I hear over, and over, and over.

And over.

We should not go back to ‘normal’.

It is a fallacy anyways.

The last two years have changed us as a society.

As nurses.

As patients.

There is no going back.

There is only adjusting to what is now.

Many of the ideas need to come along.

Wash your hands.

Don’t touch your face.

Judge the person next to you for still wearing a mask.

Don’t do the last.

You never know what they are dealing with in their lives.

There is no return to normal.

As a society, America is 35,000 deaths away from 1,000,000.


Should be shocking.

But is probably is a massive undercount.

Covid case numbers are declining.

For the first time since testing began, there is no patients in my hospital with active infection.

A few persons under investigation whose test results have not come in yet.

But no patient with active covid infection.

Don’t let your guard down too much.

Being from California they warn you about the undertow at the beach.

They warn less about the sneaker waves.

Both need to be on our radar.

This is the next normal.

As a society, we can not go back.

Only forward.

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