AORN Expo starts next week-What?

After two years on-line AORN Expo starts next week in New Orleans.

The conference runs from Saturday 3-19 through Wednesday 3-23.

As ever, when a group of nurses get together we are going to make some noise.

Is it okay to be suddenly nervous?

I know these people.

Many of them anyway.

But in-person after two years on screen can be daunting.

We will be driving down on Saturday.

It is a 10 hour drive.

Even with gas prices that is cheaper than flying for the two of us.

I anticipate 2 tanks down and 2 tanks back.

A lot like driving to Nashville, TN, for the last in-person Expo.

Only this time, I am taking my driver.

He’s gonna drive.

I’m going to sleep.

And jamming in a lot of things for the Expo.

In addition to the in-person sessions, I am going as a funded delegate.

This means I have responsibilities.

Voting type responsibilities.

And there will be a party.

I already bought us tickets.

And, today, I get an email that matched me up with 2 Expo newbies.

Oh, boy.

How caffeinated was I when I made this plan?

I get to be the mentor to show them the ropes.

Oh, boy.

Every so often something happens to remind you that you are an elder nurse.

With 21 years of experience.

Like this.

That’s okay.

My introvert heart can take it.

I think.

I’m off to email my mentees about myself and my arrival details.

My plan is to make enough CEUs to complete my 135 needed to renew my CNOR.

Which is due December 31, 2023.

Right now, I have 175.


I have lots of time for CEUs.


After I prepare the house for my mom to move in an take care of the spoiled cats.

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