Monday Musings 3/7/22-things I still do for the department

I have a list of things I do for the department.

Outside of my new shift of Sunday-Thursday 2100-0700.

Because someone has to get this stuff done.

First on the list is checking the instrument tracking numbers.

To ensure that people are still doing what is set forth in policy.

And tracking the instruments.

Not so funny story about that.

Something about an infectious disease and the immense need to be able to quarantine instruments.

In order for them to be destroyed and limit other patient’s exposure to the horrible disease.

Because we are in the business of helping, not harming people.

I check each day for complete documentation of instruments.

I make a report for people who are not quite doing what we know is right.

I am the OR representative on the Joint Commission team for total joint replacements.

I continue to be the laser safety officer for the hospital.

At least, until I’m not.

I represent surgical services at the hospital wide shared governance.

Because if we don’t speak to power, who will?

I continue to listen to complaints.

I may have less responsibility than I did, but I will still listen.

I track the IUSS.

Again, someone has to.

This department needs a mom, I swear.

For everything I still do for the department, I have dropped one or two things.

Balance, you know.

And I have to keep my Clinical Ladder Five somehow.

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