Post-it 3/6/22-Upright and above ground

The post-it reads ‘upright and above ground.’

Being a woman of a certain age (above 16), everyone was interested in me procreating.

Well, sometimes it doesn’t happen.

And that is okay.

It sucks a bit.

But is okay.

I used to say when asked how I was, as they LOVE to do in the South, “Present or accounted for.”

This was a call back to parade practice while in ROTC.

It meant that all soldiers were present.

Or otherwise accounted for do to vacation or illness.

Many, many, many people think it means present AND accounted for.

Meaning you are double counting soldiers.

Don’t do that.

And as I matured people would mishear present for pregnant.

Also, don’t do that.

A woman’s reproductive life is not up for discussion.

When I hit my 40s, after 10 years of trying for a child with bupkis, I changed my answer.

My answer to how are you?

Upright and above ground.

It either startles people into a laugh or a commiseratory yeah, me too.

And the further we go along this pandemic path the more I mean it.

How am I?

I’m a working nurse in a hospital who has worked too many hours in the past, and taken ALL the call.

I’m a working nurse in pandemic times who has, so far, remained healthy.

So yeah, upright and above ground.

All present or accounted for means I am ready for service.

So does upright and above ground.

Ready to be deployed in healthcare.

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