PhD recommendations-slogging away

The three PhD nurse hill is the one I will scale.

I promise.

I get that these people are busy.

Although Omicron is waning, the floors are still hopping.

And the credentialing business is no joke.

I heard back from the CCI dude.

And sent him the required information that I had.

Although the school has ALL the information required.

I also circled back and spoke to the PhD program handler that this recommendation letter would be coming the grad school email address, as requested.

I also heard from the intended 3rd PhD nurse.

She and I had a lovely conversation about my ideas and the end goal of having a PhD.

It makes me feel a bit strange to admit that I want to write textbooks.

Or articles.

Or anything really.

It is why I have this blog, after all.

But I should not limit myself.

The good news is that she says she will have a recommendation letter submitted this weekend.

This is good.

Because this is the painful part of the process.

And I missed the White Rose scholarship deadline.

Like you do when your life is basically unstructured.

I will search for other grants and scholarship opportunities.

Not only for myself, but for a friend who also missed the deadline.

Time is weird.

You know?

I think it is also time for me to stretch my freelance wings and see if I can fly,

Or stumble about.

It’s all a learning curve.

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