Post-it 2/27/22-Trouble shooting

The post-it reads ‘Why do people not understand? That we can troubleshoot.’

The operating room is a very technical place.

There are a lot of moving parts to a surgery.

The electrocautery.

The bed.

The robot, if we are using one.

The SCD machine.

The tourniquet.

The spot lights.

They are depend on nurses and techs to know how to use them.

And to figure out why they are not working if they fail.

Sometimes it is as easy as turning off the machine.


And then turning it back on.

And re-setting the settings.

And it works.

This is only sometimes.

Sometimes we have to replace all the links in the chain before we open up another disposable.

For example, the TPS.

Or drill system.

There are 3 moving parts.

A console.

The electrical cord.

The hand piece.

The short may be in any one of these.

Rarely it is in all 3.

You start with the easily replacable.

The console.

No dice.

Still unfunctioning.

Another set it opened.

Still nothing.

But instead of opening a third set, test each of the sterile components.

Ah, it was the cord.

Use the new cord from the second set.

Mark the original cord.

Go on with your case.

You have to be systematic though.

I know it is not easy when a surgeon is screaming.

Or anesthesia is making noises about length of time under anesthesia.

You know what doesn’t help?

Putting us on the defensive, surgeon.

Instead of railing on the SPD department.

And you know who you are.

Instead of railing on the operating room.

Again, you know who you are.

Have a little bit of faith that your circulator can figure it out.

Or, at lease, phone a friend.

Trouble shooting is in the circulator’s blood.

Let them think a minute, as they are replacing things.

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