Haven’t you heard? We won Covid.

The CDC dropped the mask mandate today.

Of course they did.

Because cases are down.

This is the end of the surge.

Not the end of Covid.

Don’t you know?

Of course, political pressure was up.

And pressure from parents.

And pressure from people who don’t UNDERTAND.

Because they are tired of this shit.

No doubt about it.

I’m tired of this crap too.

Omicron remains the highest infector of the country.


But 1 in 5 or 20% of cases are BA.2.

That number is climbing.


Do I know that son of Omicron, as some are calling it, is more dangerous that Omicron itself.

Science doesn’t know yet.

But don’t worry.

We have not won.

The mask mandates have fallen.

In my state, they will be dropped as of Sunday.

Not that people are wearing masks.

I am.

You’d think more people would be more interested in the greater good.

Instead they whine about going back to normal.

There is no normal.

Two Party Opera, an online comic that I read, said it best, “Is it true that Pandemics never really end, people just stop caring?”

And the next panel the other figure says, “Time makes it easy to ignore why people die.”


All of this.

2000+ people a day are still dying.

Be sure to tell them they don’t need to wear a mask in the casket.

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