Remembrance Day

Today would have been my grandmother’s birthday.

Both of them.

In remembrance of them, the family does their favorite thing.


I remembrance of them, the family eats their favorite foods.

Pringles, Coke, and usually pork rinds.

But there are no non spicy pork rinds to be had.

Stupid supply chain.

Stupid renovation at the closest gas station.

Although neither of these women were in the health care field, I find it comforting to remember them.

Because we are reflections of who has come before.

I like to think that although they would be flummoxed by me going to a PhD program, they would be supportive of me.

In their quiet ways.

If you need me, I’ll be reading an actual book.

Eating Pringles and chocolate.

Drinking a coke.

Enjoying my day off .

Because although this is new to me, is fast becoming a day of rest.

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