Post-it 2/20/22-Proofreading, if you don’t know how, please ask

The post-it note reads ‘Gah! Why can’t they give all paperwork to me for editing?’

This puts me in mind of the sign they had posted at the orthopedic hospital.

It read “Authorized personal only”.

It struck me differently every day.

Some days, it amused.

Some days, it made me incandescent with rage.

I know the word they were striving for was personnel.

I’m not sure who put this up, but they should’ve consulted me.

If not me then someone with a proofreading brain.

Because this still, over ten years later, makes me mad when I think of it.

Signage should be in the realm of professional writing.

All signs that patients are in the position to read must be proofread.

I bet that someone who is not dressed out tried to gain access to the OR from these doors.

But, come on!

You couldn’t show the sign around before you, you know, mounted it?

By then, it was too late.

A bit of the Emperor has no clothes.

Either no one noticed.

Or no one wanted to say anything.

Either can be true.

I cannot be alone in noticing this.

I wonder if they finally changed it when they renovated the space.

I must inquire.

That is not what the note was referring to.

This has come up multiple times.

My boss just hands me stuff to proofread now.

Got to put my copy editing, and tutoring to good use.

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