Covid is on the decline- Now what?

The news is falling all over itself that covid cases are on a steep decline.

And deaths are on a less steep decline.

Now what?

How do we un-mobilize people who we mobilized when we needed them?

And who is to say that Covid is vanquished?

As a society, we thought the same in late Spring 2021.

With the advent of widely available vaccines.

Who would have thought that there’d be people who would cut off their nose to spite their face?

Who would not have a life saving vaccine in the midst of a global health pandemic?

Um, everyone.

People who say that it’s like a bad cold.

As they are gasping for breath.

And relying on shoddy sham products like Ivermectin.

And, let us not forget, dying.

It’s just a bad cold.

Keep telling yourself that.

I still hear that sentiment from people who should know better.

Before Delta.

I personally thought the covid emergency was waning in summer of 2021.

And then Delta roared in.

Then the shared governance council had an entirely planned symposium.

That we had to cancel.

Because the people who needed the message the most, were working at bedside, or ED.

And would be unable to attend.

And as Delta was waning, and nothing was on the horizon, the symposium was planned again.

And Omicron raised its thorny head.

And we’ve been living in an Omicron nightmare for 2 months.

Now that the case volumes are going down.

And death are going down, kind of.

I am supposed to drop my mask and live life to the fullest?

It’s going to take more than a drop in case numbers and the subsequent forgetting of the last two years because it is easier for some people.

I’ll keep my mask, thank you.

Because now there is subvariant ba.2.

I am watching this one closely.

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me thrice, shame on me.

Am I hopeful?


But hopeful with a grain of salt.

And not the kind in margaritas.

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