Monday Musings 2/21/22- superstitions

Today someone pointed out that every day is a palindrome.

And will be for the next nine days.

That is the same forward and backwards.

My sister is catering a wedding tomorrow at 2 pm on 2-22-22.


All nurses have them.

The full moon effect.

Is absolutely a thing and I am lucky that last week’s full moon did not impact the OR for once.

The thing about the full moon is it brings out the crazies.

The drug dealers, the addicts, the patients with the psychoactive disorders, the ones who should absolutely know better.

But they don’t.

They bay at the moon.

And Murphy.

Murphy lives in the OR you know.

Anything that can go wrong will.

Absolutely he lives in the OR.

There are all sorts of superstitions.

Don’t jump on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back

There are cracks in the OR floor but it is correctly quickly because cracks are not clean.

You shouldn’t walk under a ladder.

No ladders except those carried in and out by engineering.

No black cats.

Some of the best cats I’ve met are black ones.

It is not their fault.

But the big daddy of hospital superstitions.

Friday the 13th.

People actively try to give their call away most days.

But they try extra hard on Friday the 13th.

And if the full moon happens to hit on the 13th.

Count your blessings, and sage the hospital.

Because shit is going down this night.

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