PhD progressions

There is a lot regarding going back to school for your PhD that I did not go through with my BSN or MSN.

It can be exhausting.

And then I listen to a webinar about a nurse who is newly retired and what she loves most about the operating room.

I wonder if I can reach out to her and have her reassure me monthly during this process.

I got an interview at one of the 2 universities that have a PhD program that I am interested in!


The university is an hour and a half away, and I am opting for a zoom interview so as not to waste gas.

The 2nd university I instructed to reach out to a 4th PhD nurse that I know because of volunteering with his organization.

He is willing to write the missing recommendation. I hope to hear more soon.

I don’t know about this place because the reviewer has glommed onto something completely normal.

In California, anyway.

He is looking at the transcript from the school where I got my ADN.

And noticed that the bottom says there are 5 UC (meaning University of California) credits.

And 52 CSU (California State University).

Means that of the 57 credit hours I took for my ADN.

That many would transfer to a higher level of school.

Because Napa Valley College is a community college.

At the time I did not conceive of writing textbooks.

Or teaching.

In fact it took nearly 15 years for me to go back to school for my BSN.

I can understand the need to be choosey when it comes to candidates.

A PhD is, as was pointed out, a terminal degree.

Meaning there is no further degrees to get.

I hope I am doing the write thing.

Do you see what I did there?

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