Looming deadlines: a panic I created. story by me

Looming deadlines.

The University of South Carolina application deadline is February 15.

I have such a block on completing this.

Or really even starting this.

I do not know why.

The university of North Carolina- Greensboro is looking for me to finish my application.

Only 2 of the 3 people the university has reached out to for a reference has responded.

And transcipts?

Are hard.

Especially when the first one is from 1995.

And then 2001.

And Chamberlain College of Nursing is online.

There are several brick and mortar schools.

But I did not attend them.

I am certain that the University can access them faster than me.

And Queens University of Charlotte was only 2 years ago.

Apparently I have to reach out to them.

I hope the Creighton and Napa Valley College transcripts are online.

Because I certainly don’t have a hard copy.

Come on, man, it was nearly 30 years ago.

Beginning the applications so late.

That’s all on me.

And, I repeat, I don’t know why.

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