Cookie Thursday 2/3/22- triple pepper jelly cheese pennies

Welcome to the first Cookie Thursday is a Thing for February 2022.

The theme for the month is cheese.

One of the most highly requested savory cookie is the cheddar penny.

This is a very simple recipe and bake.

There are several ways to add interest to such a humble cookie.

Sometimes I add red pepper flakes.

Sometimes I had a triple pepper jelly thumbprint.

Sometimes I eat them plain.

Kind of like cheezits.

The recipe is cheddar, flour, and butter.

Very simple but underrated.

Kind of like a ‘simple” surgery.

I hear that all the time.

It’s a simple surgery, it will take 10 minutes.

Until it doesn’t and there is now blood everywhere and anesthesia is telling you to hurry it along.

There can be beauty in simplicity.

It’s just a carpal tunnel.

Yeah, just surgery on the second most complicated part of your body.

Keep thinking that it is simple.

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