Covid Round Up-890,516 dead

It has been a minute since I did a covid round up.

I wrote an Omicron Math post on January 21.

That day there were 864,142 American dead.

On January 15th there were 850,000 dead.

16 days, 40,516.

The trend is accelerating.

However, we’ve heard over and over.

Hospitalizations go up.

Hospitalizations go down.

Deaths are on a lag.

Hospitalizations are still up.

There are still hospitals struggling.

Hell, my hospital is struggling.

Today is the first day there is a room available for admission.

Of course, that room will be gone by morning.

I’d ask to take bets when America will cross the 900,000 threshold.

But I’m too tired.

I no longer look at the number of cases.

I just assume they’ve gone up.

I do look at the screaming red line and where we are in the surge.

Do I still wear a mask in stores?


Do I alcohol the pump handles when I get gas?


Do I alcohol my hands when an alcohol dispenser is available in stores.


Do I stay at least 6 feet away when I am speaking to someone I don’t live with or who isn’t in my four person bubble?


Do I mind being thought a person who is taking this too seriously?

Absolutely not.

I would ask if they’re not taking this seriously enough.


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