Omicron math

2 vaccines.

plus booster

plus the Omicron variant

equals mild infection

I have heard from many of my family members.

And my coworkers.

That being fully vaccinated and boostered made Omicron covid infection that much easier to bear.

But please stop comparing it to a flu.

This gives other people false hope that their unvaccinated asses will be fine.

2 vaccines

no booster

plus the Omicron variant

equals more serious infection

I have some friends in this group as well.

Their symptoms are more severe.

The length of illness is longer.

There may be more sequelae.

That means they may be short of breath or tire more easily.

Even after they are feeling better.

no vaccnines

no booster

plus the Omicron variant

or plus the Delta variant, which is still hanging about causing deaths

equals serious infection

These are the people who are flooding the hospitals.

And the ICUs.

And the morgues.

The best way outcome using this covid math is

2 vaccines

plus booster

minus any variant

equals no illness

But those of us who are in the very last section are still masking and handwashing and social distancing.

Don’t get caught up in the math problem.

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